Revealed: What Percentage Does Patreon Take From Your Earnings?

As a creator on Patreon, it’s important to understand the platform’s fees structure to make an informed decision regarding its use. One question that many creators have is, “What percentage does Patreon take?”

Patreon takes a portion of each pledge or payment made by a patron, typically in the form of a processing fee and a platform fee. The processing fee is a fixed amount of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction, while the platform fee ranges from 5% to 12% based on a creator’s membership tier.

It’s worth noting that Patreon’s platform fee varies depending on the services provided to the creator. Creators who opt for the Lite plan pay a 5% platform fee, while those on the Pro and Premium plans pay a higher fee of 8% and 12% respectively. Overall, Patreon’s fees are competitive and reasonable compared to similar crowdfunding platforms.

Understanding Patreon Fee Structure

If you’re a creator or supporter on Patreon, it’s important to understand the fee structure to make informed decisions. Before getting into the details, let’s first answer the question, “what percentage does Patreon take?”.

Patreon takes a 5% commission on the pledges made to you on their platform. This means that if you have a patron who pledges $10.00, you’ll receive $9.50 and Patreon will take the remaining 50 cents.

Apart from the commission, there are other fees you should be aware of – payment processing fees. These are charged by the payment processors to cover costs associated with processing transactions on their platforms.

Let’s break down the payment processing fees:

  • Domestic transaction fees – a flat rate of 30 cents plus 2.9% of the pledge amount. For instance, if a patron pledges $10.00, the processing fee will be 59 cents.
  • International transaction fees – a flat rate of 30 cents plus 3.5% of the pledge amount. For instance, if a patron from another country pledges $10.00, the processing fee will be 65 cents.

It’s essential to consider these fees when deciding on your pricing structure on Patreon to ensure that you’re receiving your intended amount. You can also choose to ask your patrons to cover the processing fees to ease the impact on your earnings.

While Patreon has received criticism for its fee structure changes in 2017, the recent developments have resulted in a more transparent and fairer fee structure for creators and patrons alike.

In summary, Patreon takes a 5% commission on pledges, and there are payment processing fees to consider, depending on the transaction’s location. Knowing these fees will help creators to make informed decisions while setting up their creator page.

As a Patreon creator, it’s important to understand what percentage Patreon takes from your earnings. The platform charges a fee for processing payments made by patrons, but the actual amount varies depending on a few factors.

Factors Affecting Patreon Charges

Pledge Amount

Patreon’s processing fee is applied to each pledge made by a patron. The fee is calculated as a percentage of the pledge amount, plus a flat fee for each transaction. So, the more a patron pledges to your page, the more Patreon will take in fees.

Payment Frequency

Another factor that can affect Patreon charges is how often patrons are charged. By default, Patreon charges patrons at the beginning of each month, but some creators offer the option for patrons to be charged per creation. If you choose the latter option, Patreon will take a fee from each individual pledge, rather than from the total amount charged at the beginning of each month.

Payout Method

When it comes to receiving payments, Patreon offers two options: PayPal and direct deposit. If you choose PayPal, you will be charged a fee for each payout you receive. Direct deposit, on the other hand, has no additional fees beyond the standard processing fee per pledge.

Patreon’s Processing Fees Table

Here’s a breakdown of the fees Patreon charges based on the pledge amount and payment type:

Pledge AmountProcessing FeeFlat Fee
$0.01 – $3.005%$0.10
$3.01 – $10.005%$0.25
$10.01 – $100.005%$0.35

It’s worth noting that Patreon may also charge additional fees for certain payment methods, such as international transactions. However, these fees are separate from the processing fees outlined above.

Overall, while Patreon charges processing fees for each pledge, the fee is structured in a way that rewards creators for having higher pledges and for offering content on a per-creation basis. By understanding these factors and fees, creators can make informed decisions about how to structure their pages and receive payments from their patrons.

Once you have set up your Patreon account and start receiving pledges from your patrons, you may wonder, “what percentage does Patreon take?”.

Currently, Patreon takes a percentage of the funds you receive from your patrons based on the pricing tier you choose for your account. This percentage ranges from 5% to 12% and depends on the features that you want to have access to.

Now that you know how Patreon’s fees work, you may be wondering how you can maximise your Patreon earnings. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your account:

  • Set clear goals and expectations for your patrons: Be upfront about what you’ll be able to offer your patrons, what type of content they can expect and how often you’ll be releasing it. This will help build trust with your patrons and keep them pledging.
  • Offer enticing rewards: To encourage people to pledge, you’ll need to offer rewards that are unique and valuable. Consider offering exclusive content or early access to your work.
  • Stay consistent: Consistency is key. Try to release content on a regular schedule, so your patrons know when they can expect new work from you. This will also help build anticipation and keep your patrons excited.
  • Engage with your patrons: Patreon is a community, so make sure you interact with your patrons regularly. Respond to comments and messages, and consider hosting exclusive Q&A sessions to show your appreciation for their support.
  • Promote your Patreon account: Don’t be afraid to promote your Patreon account across your social media channels and website. Make sure people know you have a Patreon account, and the value of becoming a supporter.

By following these tips and consistently creating unique and valuable content, you can maximise your earnings on Patreon.